United Nations Directories
for Electronic Data Interchange for
Administration, Commerce and Transport


1.2 Index of segments by alphabetical sequence by name Change indicators a plus sign (+) for an addition an asterisk (*) for an amendment to structure a hash sign (#) for changes to names a vertical bar (|) for changes to text for functional descriptions or notes a letter X (X) for marked for deletion Tag Name AAI Accommodation allocation information ALS Additional location information ODS Additional product details APD Additional transport details ADS Address ERI Application error information ATR Attribute BLI Billable information MOV Car delivery instruction CLT Clear terminate information CMN Commission information CNX Connection details CRI Consumer reference information CON Contact information CUR Currencies DAV Daily availability DTI Date and time information DNT Dental information DIS Discount information + SER Facility information FRM Follow-up action + FRQ Frequency FTI Frequent traveller information HDI Hardware device information + HDR Header information ADI Health care claim adjudication information ITD Information type data ITC Institutional claim ICI Insurance cover information IFT Interactive free text ITM Item number LKP Level indication + POR Location and/or related time information + MES Measurements MSD Message action details MAP Message application product information NME Name NAA Name and address NUN Number of units ODI Origin and destination details ORG Originator of request details OTI Other insurance PRT Party information X NAM Party name PMT Payment information + POP Period of operation POS Point of sale information PRE Price details PRD Product identification PDT Product information PLI Product location information PRO Promotions RPI Quantity and action details RTI Rate details RTC Rate types + RFR Reference + RLS Relationship RCI Reservation control information RUL Rule information SDT Selection details * ASD Service details PSI Service information SSR Special requirement details TFF Tariff information TXS Taxes + TCE Time and certainty ATI Tour information TRF Traffic restriction details TVL Travel product information TDI Traveller document information TIF Traveller information VEH Vehicle

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