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3285 Instruction receiving party identifier [B]

Desc: Code specifying the party to receive an instruction. Repr: an..35 Code Values: 1 Applicant's bank The financial institution which is requested to issue the documentary credit. 2 Issuing bank The financial institution which issues the documentary credit, if the applicant's bank is not acting as the issuing bank. 3 Beneficiary's bank The financial institution with which the beneficiary maintain an account. 4 Beneficiary The party in whose favour the documentary credit is to be issued and the party who must comply with the credit's terms and conditions. 5 Contact party 1 First party to contact. 6 Contact party 2 Second party to contact. 7 Contact party 3 Third party to contact. 8 Contact party 4 Fourth party to contact. 9 Contact bank 1 First financial institution to contact. 10 Contact bank 2 Second financial institution to contact. 11 Creditor Party to whom payment is due. 12 Receiving bank Identifies the bank which is to receive funds. 13 Creditor's bank Identifies the bank to whom payment is due. 14 Instruction receiving party identifier Code specifying the party to receive an instruction. 15 Debtor Party from whom payment is due.

Data Element Cross Reference

DataElement 3285 is used in the following Batch Composite Elements:


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