United Nations Directories  for Electronic Data Interchange for
Administration, Commerce and Transport


      Change indicators

        a plus sign (+)    for an addition
        an asterisk (*)    for an amendment to structure
        a hash sign (#)    for changes to names
        a vertical bar (|) for changes to text for descriptions,
                           notes and functions
        a minus sign (-)   for a deletion
        an X sign (X)      for marked for deletion


Function: To identify regulatory safety information. 010 7164 HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE LEVEL IDENTIFIER M 1 an..35 020 C814 SAFETY SECTION C 1 4046 Safety section number M n..2 4044 Safety section name C an..70 030 C815 ADDITIONAL SAFETY INFORMATION C 1 4039 Additional safety information description code M an..3 1131 Code list identification code C an..17 3055 Code list responsible agency code C an..3 4038 Additional safety information description C an..35 040 4513 MAINTENANCE OPERATION CODE C 1 an..3

Segment SFI is used in the following Messages:


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