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for Electronic Data Interchange for
Administration, Commerce and Transport


PART 5 UNITED NATIONS DIRECTORIES FOR ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE FOR ADMINISTRATION, COMMERCE AND TRANSPORT CHAPTER 2 Message type directory EDMD 1. Indexes 1.1 Index of message types by code Change indicators a plus sign (+) for an addition an asterisk (*) for an amendment to structure a vertical bar (|) for changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions a letter X (X) for marked for deletion a letter R (R) for a message whose structure has been completely recast. No other change symbols shall be used with these messages Code Name Rev Recast APERAK Application error and acknowledgement message 4 AUTHOR Authorization message 2 BALANC Balance message 2 * BANSTA Banking status message 4 BAPLIE Bayplan/stowage plan occupied and empty locations message 5 X BAPLTE Bayplan/stowage plan total numbers message 5 BERMAN Berth management message 2 BMISRM Bulk marine inspection summary report message 2 BOPBNK Bank transactions and portfolio transactions report message 3 BOPCUS Balance of payment customer transaction report message 2 BOPDIR Direct balance of payment declaration message 3 BOPINF Balance of payment information from customer message 3 BUSCRD Business credit report message 2 CALINF Vessel call information message 4 CASINT Request for legal administration action in civil proceedings message 1 CASRES Legal administration response in civil proceedings message 1 CHACCO Chart of accounts message 2 CLASET Classification information set message 1 CNTCND Contractual conditions message 2 COACSU Commercial account summary message 3 COARRI Container discharge/loading report message 8 CODECO Container gate-in/gate-out report message 8 CODENO Permit expiration/clearance ready notice message 6 *| COEDOR Transport equipment stock and profile report message 9 COHAOR Container special handling order message 8 COLREQ Request for a documentary collection message 1 COMDIS Commercial dispute message 2 CONAPW Advice on pending works message 1 CONDPV Direct payment valuation message 2 CONDRA Drawing administration message 3 CONDRO Drawing organisation message 1 CONEST Establishment of contract message 4 CONITT Invitation to tender message 4 CONPVA Payment valuation message 3 CONQVA Quantity valuation message 1 CONRPW Response of pending works message 1 CONTEN Tender message 4 CONWQD Work item quantity determination message 1 COPARN Container announcement message 8 COPAYM Contributions for payment 1 COPINO Container pre-notification message 8 COPRAR Container discharge/loading order message 7 COREOR Container release order message 10 COSTCO Container stuffing/stripping confirmation message 7 COSTOR Container stuffing/stripping order message 7 * CREADV Credit advice message 3 * CREEXT Extended credit advice message 3 * CREMUL Multiple credit advice message 4 CUSCAR Customs cargo report message 9 CUSDEC Customs declaration message 8 CUSEXP Customs express consignment declaration message 2 CUSPED Periodic customs declaration message 1 CUSREP Customs conveyance report message 6 CUSRES Customs response message 6 * DEBADV Debit advice message 3 * DEBMUL Multiple debit advice message 3 DEBREC Debts recovery message 1 *| DELFOR Delivery schedule message 7 *| DELJIT Delivery just in time message 7 * DESADV Despatch advice message 11 * DESTIM Equipment damage and repair estimate message 5 DGRECA Dangerous goods recapitulation message 1 * DIRDEB Direct debit message 6 DIRDEF Directory definition message 6 DMRDEF Data maintenance request definition message 2 DMSTAT Data maintenance status report/query message 2 DOCADV Documentary credit advice message 3 DOCAMA Advice of an amendment of a documentary credit message 2 DOCAMI Documentary credit amendment information message 2 DOCAMR Request for an amendment of a documentary credit message 2 DOCAPP Documentary credit application message 3 DOCARE Response to an amendment of a documentary credit message 2 DOCINF Documentary credit issuance information message 3 ENTREC Accounting entries message 2 FINCAN Financial cancellation message 1 * FINPAY Multiple interbank funds transfer message 2 FINSTA Financial statement of an account message 1 GENRAL General purpose message 3 GESMES Generic statistical message 2 HANMOV Cargo/goods handling and movement message 7 | ICASRP Insurance claim assessment and reporting message 2 *| ICSOLI Insurance claim solicitor's instruction message 2 IFCSUM Forwarding and consolidation summary message 13 IFTCCA Forwarding and transport shipment charge calculation message 4 IFTDGN Dangerous goods notification message 5 IFTFCC International transport freight costs and other charges message 2 X IFTIAG Dangerous cargo list message 4 IFTICL Cargo insurance claims message 1 IFTMAN Arrival notice message 9 IFTMBC Booking confirmation message 8 IFTMBF Firm booking message 10 IFTMBP Provisional booking message 8 IFTMCA Consignment advice message 1 IFTMCS Instruction contract status message 10 IFTMIN Instruction message 12 IFTRIN Forwarding and transport rate information message 4 * IFTSAI Forwarding and transport schedule and availability information message 7 IFTSTA International multimodal status report message 12 IFTSTQ International multimodal status request message 4 IMPDEF EDI implementation guide definition message 1 INFCON Infrastructure condition message 1 INFENT Enterprise accounting information message 2 INSDES Instruction to despatch message 3 INSPRE Insurance premium message 1 INSREQ Inspection request message 2 | INSRPT Inspection report message 3 INVOIC Invoice message 13 INVRPT Inventory report message 9 IPPOAD Insurance policy administration message 1 IPPOMO Motor insurance policy message 1 *| ISENDS Intermediary system enablement or disablement message 2 *| ITRRPT In transit report detail message 3 JAPRES Job application result message 1 JINFDE Job information demand message 1 JOBAPP Job application proposal message 1 JOBCON Job order confirmation message 1 JOBMOD Job order modification message 1 JOBOFF Job order message 1 *| JUPREQ Justified payment request message 3 LEDGER Ledger message 1 LREACT Life reinsurance activity message 1 LRECLM Life reinsurance claims message 1 MEDPID Person identification message 1 MEDPRE Medical prescription message 1 MEDREQ Medical service request message 1 MEDRPT Medical service report message 1 MEDRUC Medical resource usage and cost message 2 MEQPOS Means of transport and equipment position message 3 MOVINS Stowage instruction message 3 MSCONS Metered services consumption report message 2 ORDCHG Purchase order change request message 13 *| ORDERS Purchase order message 13 *| ORDRSP Purchase order response message 13 OSTENQ Order status enquiry message 3 OSTRPT Order status report message 4 PARTIN Party information message 6 PAXLST Passenger list message 5 PAYDUC Payroll deductions advice message 3 * PAYEXT Extended payment order message 3 * PAYMUL Multiple payment order message 5 * PAYORD Payment order message 3 PRICAT Price/sales catalogue message 12 PRIHIS Pricing history message 2 PROCST Project cost reporting message 1 | PRODAT Product data message 8 PRODEX Product exchange reconciliation message 3 PROINQ Product inquiry message 2 PROSRV Product service message 1 PROTAP Project tasks planning message 2 PRPAID Insurance premium payment message 2 *| QALITY Quality data message 5 QUOTES Quote message 9 RDRMES Raw data reporting message 2 REBORD Reinsurance bordereau message 2 * RECADV Receiving advice message 7 RECALC Reinsurance calculation message 1 RECECO Credit risk cover message 1 RECLAM Reinsurance claims message 2 RECORD Reinsurance core data message 1 REGENT Registration of enterprise message 1 RELIST Reinsured objects list message 1 REMADV Remittance advice message 12 REPREM Reinsurance premium message 1 REQDOC Request for document message 3 REQOTE Request for quote message 8 RESETT Reinsurance settlement message 2 RESMSG Reservation message 1 RETACC Reinsurance technical account message 2 * RETANN Announcement for returns message 4 RETINS Instruction for returns message 2 RPCALL Repair call message 1 SAFHAZ Safety and hazard data message 3 SANCRT International movement of goods governmental regulatory message 5 SLSFCT Sales forecast message 2 SLSRPT Sales data report message 8 SOCADE Social administration message 1 SSIMOD Modification of identity details message 1 SSRECH Worker's insurance history message 1 SSREGW Notification of registration of a worker message 1 STATAC Statement of account message 4 STLRPT Settlement transaction reporting message 1 SUPCOT Superannuation contributions advice message 1 SUPMAN Superannuation maintenance message 1 SUPRES Supplier response message 1 TANSTA Tank status report message 1 TAXCON Tax control message 1 TPFREP Terminal performance message 1 UTILMD Utilities master data message 2 UTILTS Utilities time series message 2 VATDEC Value added tax message 2 VESDEP Vessel departure message 4 WASDIS Waste disposal information message 1 WKGRDC Work grant decision message 1 WKGRRE Work grant request message 1

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