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4043 Trade class code [B]

Desc: Code identifying the class of trade. Repr: an..3 Code Values: AA Financial service provider A manager of money or other assets. AB Importer A person or group that imports goods or services. AC Vendor A person or group selling goods or services. AD Exporter A person or group who sends goods or services to a foreign country. AG Agency A party or group that acts as an agent on behalf of another party. BG Buying group A temporary group of buyers formed for purchasing purposes. BR Broker A person or group acting as an agent for others, accepting responsibility in return for a fee. CN Consolidator (master distributor) A person or group acting as a clearing house for goods or services. DE Dealer A person or group buying directly from a manufacturer for resale. DI Distributor A person or group acting explicitly as distributor of merchandise or goods. JB Jobber A person or group buying merchandise to resell it to a retailer. MF Manufacturer A company that produces goods from raw materials. OE OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) A manufacturer selling its goods to a company reselling them using own labels. RS Resale A class of trade where goods and/or services are purchased for resale. RT Retailer A person selling goods or services in small quantities or by the piece. ST Stationer The trade has a classification of stationer. WH Wholesaler A person or group buying goods in large quantities for resale by a retailer. WS User Identifies the end-user of goods or services. WT Out patient A patient not under the full time care of a hospital but visits from time to time for treatment. WU In patient A patient under the full time care of a hospital. WV Electricity exchange Identifies the exchange where the intermediaries sell and buy electricity.

Data Element Cross Reference

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