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7173 Hierarchy object code qualifier [B]

Desc: Code qualifying an object in a hierarchy. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 Figure Hierarchy applying to figures (an illustration showing the components of an item). 2 Product Hierarchy applying to products. 3 No hierarchy No hierarchy to be described. 4 Data structures Objects are related in the hierarchy as data structures. 5 Sub-assembly An item assembled from a number of component parts. 6 Component part Part assembled with other items to produce an assembly. 7 Technical drawing A structured view on how an item is composed. 8 Financial institution details Hierarchy applies to financial institution details information. 9 Financial data Hierarchy applies to financial data information. 10 Party history Hierarchy applies to party history information. 11 Entity identification Hierarchy applies to entity identification information. 12 Business insurance Hierarchy applies to business insurance information. 13 Credit appraisal Hierarchy applies to credit appraisal information. 14 Location Hierarchy applies to location information. 15 Management details Hierarchy applies to management details information. 16 Operations Hierarchy applies to operations information. 17 Payment handling Hierarchy applies to payment handling information. 18 Public records Hierarchy applies to public records information. 19 Real estate property Hierarchy applies to real estate property information. 20 Related entities Hierarchy applies to related entities information. 21 Data source Hierarchy applies to data source information. 22 Equity holder Hierarchy applies to equity holder information. 23 Summary evaluation Hierarchy applies to summary evaluation information. 24 Report update The hierarchy applies to report update information. 25 Party Hierarchy applying to parties. 26 Central procurement party Hierarchy applying to a central procurement party. 27 Quotation party Hierarchy applying to a quotation party. 28 Operational group Hierarchy applying to an operational group. 29 Juridical group Hierarchy applying to a juridical group. 30 Loan information Hierarchy applies to loan information. 31 Performance Hierarchy applies to performance. 32 Historical performance Hierarchy applies to historical performance. 33 Associated accessory The hierarchy applies to associated accessories.

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