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4499 Inventory movement reason code [B]

Desc: Code specifying the reason for an inventory movement. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 Reception Goods received at warehouse from another party or warehouse. 2 Delivery Goods which have been delivered from the inventory to another party or warehouse. 3 Scrapped parts Adjustment due to scrapped parts. 4 Difference The difference between the inventory, as physically counted, and the inventory recorded by the system. 5 Property transfer within warehouse An inventory movement issued when goods are moved (physically or logically) from one owner to another, whenever inventories are held in account of several owners of the same product within the same warehouse. 6 Inventory recycling This inventory movement is due to recycling of goods. For instance, defective goods have been repaired and are put back to the available inventory. 7 Reversal of previous movement This inventory movement is issued to cancel a previously processed movement. 8 Defects (technical) This inventory movement corresponds to parts with technical defect. 9 Commercial The inventory movement has been issued for commercial reasons. 10 Conversion The inventory movement is due to conversion of goods. 11 Consumption The inventory movement corresponds to goods taken out of consigned inventory for consumption.

Data Element Cross Reference

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