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7295 Requirement or condition description identifier [B]

Desc: Code specifying a requirement or condition. Repr: an..17 Code Values: 1 Service provider determined service The service was determined by the service provider. 2 All X-rays specifically requested All X-rays specifically requested. 3 Not for comparison Not for comparison. 4 Contiguous body area service with different set-up The service on contiguous body area that required different set-up. 5 Non-contiguous body areas service The service was conducted on non-contiguous body areas. 6 Three hours or more between services Three hours or more between the services. 7 Left body part service Service was conducted on the left part of the body. 8 Lost referral The referral has been lost. 9 Necessary emergency and/or immediate treatment Treatment was necessary as it was an emergency and/or immediately required. 10 Second visit in one day Second visit in one day. 11 Separate procedure The procedure is separate. 12 Not usual medical after-care Post treatment medical care which differs from the usual post treatment medical care. 13 Right body part service Service was conducted on the right part of the body.

Data Element Cross Reference

DataElement 7295 is used in the following Batch Composite Elements:


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