United Nations Directories
for Electronic Data Interchange for
Administration, Commerce and Transport


PART 5 UNITED NATIONS DIRECTORIES FOR ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE FOR ADMINISTRATION, COMMERCE AND TRANSPORT CHAPTER 4 Composite data element directory IDCD 1. Indexes 1.1 Index of composites by alphanumeric sequence by tag Change indicators a plus sign (+) for an addition an asterisk (*) for an amendment to structure a hash sign (#) for changes to names a vertical bar (|) for changes to text for descriptions or notes a letter X (X) for marked for deletion E001 Address details E002 Commission details E003 Attribute information E004 Rule details E005 Rule text E006 Rule status E007 Traffic restriction details E008 Geographic details E009 Daily availability information E010 Selection details information E011 Rate class details E012 Name information E013 Date and time information E014 Time reference details E015 Product data information E016 Insurance cover requirement E017 Monetary amount E018 Price information E019 Promotion details E020 Tax details E021 Service E022 Instruction information E023 Party demographic information E024 Supporting evidence E025 Basis of service information E026 Admission E027 Invoice type E028 Related cause E029 Diagnosis E030 Adjustment information E031 Message application product specification E032 Party identification E033 Language details E034 Time zone E035 Quantity details E080 Party name E082 Party identification details E083 Delivery pattern E175 Measurement value and details E206 Object identification E211 Dimensions E212 Item number identification E362 Related time information E504 Currency details E506 Reference E507 Date/time/period E517 Location identification E520 Frequency E523 Number of unit details E778 Position identification E817 Address usage E819 Country sub-entity details E901 Application error details E941 Relationship E946 Certainty E958 Quantity and action details E959 Additional service details E961 Transport details E962 Terminal information E963 Distance or time details E964 Traveller time details E965 Facilities E966 Contact information E967 Consumer reference identification E968 Document information E969 Validity dates E970 Frequent traveller identification E971 Free text qualification E972 Message processing details E973 Delivering system details E974 Originator identification details E975 Location E976 Originator details E977 Payment details E978 Credit card information E979 Reservation control information E980 Special requirement type details E981 Special requirement details E982 Tariff information E983 Rate information E984 Associated charges information E985 Traveller surname and related information E986 Traveller details E987 Product date and time E988 Company identification E989 Product identification details E990 Sequence number details E991 Vehicle information E992 Position E993 Tour details E994 Stopover information E995 Movement details E996 Product class details E997 Accommodation allocation information E998 Discount information E999 Connection details

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