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4405 Status description code [C]

Desc: Code specifying a status. Repr: an..3 Note: 1 For transport status, use UN/ECE Recommendation 24. Code Values: 1 To be done Remark that the requested service in the order remains outstanding. 2 Done The instruction has been completed. 3 Passed on The information has been passed on. 4 Final The amount has the status of finality. 5 Subject to final payment The amount is subject to finality. 6 Minimum The amount quoted is a minimum tariff. 7 Fixed The amount quoted is a fixed tariff. 8 Maximum The amount quoted is a maximum tariff. 9 Information The amount is quoted for information only, it is not part of the charges to be deducted or added. 10 0 day available The amount is available today. 11 1 day available The amount is available on the next banking office day after the booking date. 12 2 days available The amount is available on the second banking office day after the booking date. 13 3 days available The amount available on the third banking office day after the booking date. 14 Uncollected funds Funds not collected by beneficiary. 15 Nil The amount or quantity is zero. 16 None advised No status or condition has been advised. 17 Requested A status or condition has been requested. 18 Free of charge No charge is to be made. 19 Rounded The quantity has been the subject of a rounding operation. 20 Permanent Intended to last or function indefinitely. 21 Temporary Lasting or intended to last or function for a limited time. 22 Subject to agreed condition Subject to agreed condition. 23 Added In addition to. 24 Deducted A deduction from. 25 Included Is included in. 26 Subject to clearing Clearing operations are to be applied. 27 Subject to bilaterally agreed condition Bilaterally agreed conditions are to be applied. 28 Transaction expected to be executed The transaction is expected to be executed. 29 Debit The object has a status of debit. 30 Credit The object has a status of credit. 31 Positive debit The object has a status of positive debit. 32 Negative debit The object has a status of negative debit. 33 Positive credit The object has a status of positive credit. 34 Negative credit The object has a status of negative credit. 35 Started To specify an event has started. 36 Revised To indicate a revision has been made. 37 Stolen A consignment or goods have been stolen. 38 Assigned A value has been assigned to an item. 39 Approved Approval has been given. 40 Withdrawn Item is withdrawn. 41 Rejected Item is rejected. 42 Approval pending Approval is pending. 43 Postponed Further action is delayed. 44 Replaced Item has been replaced. 45 No status There is no status information to report. 46 Does not exist Non existent. 47 Draft version A preliminary version. 48 Live version A version with a live status. 49 Expired version A version which no longer has a live status. 50 Part-time Using only part of the available time. 51 Full-time Using the whole of the available time. 52 Not a student Not enrolled in an educational program. 53 To be extracted To be removed. 54 Impacted tooth Tooth wedged between another tooth and the jaw. 55 Extracted Removed. 56 Estimated The value is estimated. 57 Undefined incident An undefined incident has occurred. 58 Quantity error The quantity is an error. 59 Monetary amount error The monetary amount is an error. 60 Product not ordered The product was not ordered. 61 Uncertain The value is uncertain. 62 Significant Noteworthy. 63 Not accepted The item has not been accepted. 64 Order or request cancelled The referenced order or request has been cancelled. 65 Negative Negative status. 66 Unsigned amount The status of the amount is unsigned. 67 Preliminary Preparatory to. 68 Split Divided into parts. 69 Recommended The object is favoured in preference to other alternatives. 70 Issued Has been given out. 71 Available for ordering Goods are available for ordering. 72 Not available for ordering Goods are not available for ordering. 73 Confirmed Officially acknowledged. 74 Expiry date exceeded The expiry date has been exceeded. 75 Prescribed Advised the use of. 76 All published issues since subscription start Applies to all published issues since subscription start. 77 All published issues since issue specified in claim Applies to all published issues since issue specified in claim. 78 All published issues from and including issue specified in claim Applies to all published issues from and including issue specified in claim. 79 Specified published issue only Applies to specified published issue only. 80 Publication issue cancelled Publication issue has been cancelled. 81 Definitive The status is definitive. 82 Supplementary An addition to something. 83 Under legal appeal An application to a court for a reconsideration of the decision. 84 Legally assigned Transferred legally to another party. 85 Updated Brought up to date. 86 Ratified Made valid or binding by some formal or legal act. 87 Under consideration Being considered. 88 Countersued A response to institute legal proceedings in which an entity has filed a law suit. 89 Legal item dismissed Refused further hearing to a legal matter. 90 Disputed Questioned validity. 91 Enforced Compelled observance. 92 Legal documentation filed Submitted a petition, document or application to the appropriate authority. 93 Judgement for defendant A judgement for the defendant was rendered. 94 Judgement for plaintiff A judgement for the plaintiff was rendered. 95 Unchanged Unaltered. 96 Legal documentation not filed No petition, document or application was submitted to the appropriate authority. 97 Pending Awaiting decision or settlement. 98 Debt released Released a debt. 99 Law suit filed A law suit was filed. 100 Satisfied Adequately met, fulfilled or complied with all conditions. 101 Set aside Set aside by using one's authority. 102 Settled Concluded by mutual agreement. 103 Settled out of court The matter has been settled out of court. 104 Stayed A stopping of the proceedings. 105 Terminated Brought to an end. 106 Arranged Planned or provided for. 107 Not arranged Not planned or provided for. 108 Instructed to start Received instruction to start. 109 Instructed to stop Received instruction to stop. 110 Stock quantity corrected A difference in quantity between stocks has been corrected. 111 Inactive Not in operation. 112 Active In operation. 113 Incomplete data The data is incomplete. 114 Booked when overbooked The booking has been made although there is no more availability. 115 Provisional The object is in a provisional status. 116 Ticketed The ticket has been issued. 117 Washed The object is washed. 118 Unwashed The object is not washed. 119 Out of date The information is out of date. 120 Alternative The information is an alternative to the request. 121 Complete Entire. 122 Partial Not complete. 123 Contracted Governed by a contract. 124 Technically limited Governed by technical limitations. 125 Adjusted The information is adjusted. 126 Expected delivery The consignment which is/was expected. 127 Measured The referenced item has been measured. 128 Ready for loading The referenced item is ready for loading.

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DataElement 4405 is used in the following Batch Composite Elements:

C206 C516 C555 C850

DataElement 4405 is used in the following Interactive Segments:


DataElement 4405 is used in the following Interactive Composite Elements:

E017 E023 E206 E958 E971 E980 E982


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