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7085 Cargo type classification code [B]

Desc: Code specifying the classification of a type of cargo. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 Documents Printed, typed or written matter including leaflets, pamphlets, certificates etc., which are not subject to import duties and taxes, restrictions and prohibitions. 2 Low value non-dutiable consignments Imported consignments/items/goods in respect of which Customs duties and other taxes are waived as they are below a value determined by the Customs administration. 3 Low value dutiable consignments Imported consignments/items/goods in respect of which Customs duties and other taxes are payable are below a certain amount as determined by the Customs administration. 4 High value consignments Imported consignments/items/goods which are determined as having a value above a certain amount fixed by the Customs administration, which may or may not attract duties and taxes. 5 Other non-containerized Non-containerized cargo which cannot be categorized by any of the other nature of cargo code. 6 Vehicles Vehicles which are not stowed in containers. 7 Roll-on roll-off Cargo transported or to be transported on roll-on roll- off vessels and which is transportable on its own wheels or stowed on special heavy duty trailers. 8 Palletized Non-containerized cargo which is palletized. 9 Containerized Cargo stowed or to be stowed in a container. 10 Breakbulk Non-containerized cargo stowed in vessels' holds. 11 Hazardous cargo Cargo with dangerous properties, according to appropriate dangerous goods regulations. 12 General cargo Cargo of a general nature, not otherwise specified. 13 Liquid cargo Cargo in liquid form. 14 Temperature controlled cargo Cargo transported under specified temperature conditions. 15 Environmental pollutant cargo Cargo is an environmental pollutant. 16 Not-hazardous cargo Cargo which is not hazardous. 17 Diplomatic Cargo transported under diplomatic conditions. 18 Military Cargo for military purposes. 19 Obnoxious Cargo that is objectionable to human senses. 20 Out of gauge Cargo that has at least one non-standard dimension. 21 Household goods and personal effects Cargo consisting of household goods and personal effects. 22 Frozen cargo Cargo of frozen products.

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