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7139 Product characteristic identification code [I]

Desc: Code specifying the identification of a product characteristic. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 TCV TCV tariff is applicable for the given travel service (TCV = Tarif Commun Voyageurs, ordinary tariff for travellers). 2 Global tariff All inclusive tariff is applicable for the given travel service. 3 East - West tariff Tariff used for traffic from east to west or vice versa. 4 No published tariff There is no published tariff for the service. 5 Train with TCV or Market Price Train running with service that can be sold at TCV (Tarif Commun Voyageurs - ordinary tariff for travellers) or Market Price.

Data Element Cross Reference

DataElement 7139 is used in the following Interactive Composite Elements:

E989 E996

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