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7187 Process type description code [B]

Desc: Code specifying a type of process. Repr: an..17 Code Values: 1 Wood preparation A process to prepare wood. 2 Causticizing Treatment with a caustic agent. 3 Digesting A process of digesting. 4 Brownstock washing Washing with brownstock. 5 Bleaching Removing colour by treatment with an oxidizing agent (a bleach). 6 Pulp drying The process of drying pulp. 7 Freezing Freezing process. 8 Processing of structured information The information to be processed is in structured form. 9 Processing of identical information in structured and unstructured form The information to be processed is identical and given in structured and unstructured form. 10 Processing of different information in structured and unstructured form The information to be processed is different and is given in structured and unstructured form. 11 Processing of unstructured information The information to be processed is in unstructured form. 12 Slaughter Slaughter process. 13 Packing Packing process. 14 Heat sterilisation Treated by heat sterilisation. 15 Chemical sterilisation Treated by chemical sterilisation. 16 Fumigation Treated by fumigation. 17 Irradiation Treated by irradiation. 18 Fueling Fueling process. 19 Acceptance of business conditions Code specifying the process of accepting the terms and conditions under which business will be conducted. 20 Pathology service The provision of a pathology service. 21 Radiology service The provision of a radiology service. 22 Contribution payment The payment of a contribution. 23 Clinical donation The process of providing a clinical donation. 24 Medical general practice The provision of general medical services. 25 Specialist medical service The provision of specialist medical services, other than pathology or radiology. 26 Dispensing of medicine The process performed by a pharmacist to prepare and dispense medicine according to a prescription. 27 Planning The process of developing plans. 28 Trading The process of trading. 29 Operating The process of operating. 30 Metering The process of metering. 31 Settlement The process of settling. + 32 Chilling To reduce a product's temperature to above 273K. + 33 Collecting To gather or extract from a number of persons or sources. + 34 Cutting To penetrate with or as if with an edged instrument. + 35 Harvesting To gather, catch, hunt, or kill. + 36 Inspecting To examine officially. + 37 Manufacturing To make from raw materials by hand or by machinery. + 38 Preserving To can, pickle, or similarly prepare for future use. + 39 Processing To subject to or handle through an established usually routine set of procedures. + 40 Producing To make produce by growing. + 41 Rendering (agriculture) To extract by melting in order to extract proteins, fats, and other usable parts. + 42 Sampling To take a sample of or from the product. + 43 Storing To place or leave in a location (as a warehouse, library, or computer memory) for preservation. + 44 Transferring To convey from one person, place, or situation to another. + 45 Treating To act upon e.g. with some agent.

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