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8025 Conveyance call purpose description code [B]

Desc: Code specifying the purpose of the conveyance call. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 Cargo operations Discharging and/or loading of cargo. 2 Passenger movement Embarking and/or disembarking of passengers. 3 Taking bunkers Taking bunker (refuelling). 4 Changing crew Changing crew member(s). 5 Goodwill visit Friendly visit. 6 Taking supplies Taking supplies. 7 Repair To effect repair. 8 Laid-up Inactive service. 9 Awaiting orders Awaiting job order. 10 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous purpose of call. 11 Crew movement Embarking and/or disembarking of crews. 12 Cruise, leisure and recreation To visit a port for cruise, leisure and recreation. 13 Under government order This is a visit to a port which has been ordered by government. 14 Quarantine inspection To have a quarantine inspection. 15 Refuge To seek protection against something unpleasant and/or threatening such as bad weather or danger. 16 Unloading cargo Discharging of cargo from the means of transport. 17 Loading cargo Loading of cargo onto the means of transport. 18 Repair in dry dock Vessel to undergo repair in a dry dock. 19 Repair in wet dock Repair of a vessel in a dock without removing the surrounding water. 20 Cargo tank cleaning Cargo tanks of the means of transport will be cleaned. 21 Means of transport customs clearance Means of transport will be customs cleared. 22 De-gassing Means of transport will be de-gassed. 23 Waste disposal Means of transport will dispose of her waste.

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