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9017 Attribute function code qualifier [C]

Desc: Code qualifying an attribute function. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 Member Attribute refers to a member of a group of persons or a service scheme. 2 Person Attribute refers to a person. 3 Array structure component A structure component of an array. 4 University degree Attribute to specify an academic title. 5 Professional title Attribute to specify professional title. 6 Courtesy title Attribute to specify a personal title. 7 Directory set definition Attribute refers to a directory set definition. 8 Structure object attribute The attribute refers to an object in a structure. 9 Account Identifying attributes related to an account. 10 Financial statement Identifies the attributes related to a financial statement. 11 Payment manner To provide information regarding the manner of payment. 12 Loan information To specify information applicable to a loan. 13 Contract To identify the contract attributes. 14 Funding To identify funding attributes. 15 Acquisition phase To identify the attributes for the acquisition phases of a product or service. 16 Monetary appropriation To identify the attributes of money set aside to accomplish a task. 17 Laboratory investigation Attribute relates to a laboratory investigation. 18 Clinical investigation Attribute relates to a clinical investigation. 19 Reason for request Attribute relates to a reason for a request. 20 Reason for prescription Attribute relates to the reason for a prescription. 21 Comment to prescription Attribute relates to a comment to a prescription. 22 Observation Attribute relates to an observation. 23 Comment to a request Attribute relates to a comment to a request. 24 Event Attribute relates to an event. 25 Additional function The attribute specified is an additional function. ZZZ Mutually defined Mutually defined attribute function qualifier.

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