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9415 Government agency identification code [B]

Desc: Code identifying a government agency. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 Agriculture Government agency responsible for agriculture and e.g. the inspection of vegetable and animal substances being imported. 2 Ammunition Government agency responsible for the safe transport of ammunition. 3 Commerce Government agency responsible for commerce both domestic and international. 4 Coastguard Government agency responsible for public safety on waterways. 5 Customs Customs authorities. 6 Food and drug Government agency responsible for the safety on food and drugs. 7 Health certificate Health authorities. 8 Harbour police Police authorities responsible for public safety in the harbour. 9 Immigration Government agency responsible for immigration matters. 10 Live animals Government agency responsible for the importation of live animals. 11 Port authority Government or semi-government body responsible for port operations. 12 Public health Government body responsible for public health matters. 13 Transportation Government agency responsible for transportation policy and other transportation matters. 14 Port state control Government body responsible for the policing of the port.

Data Element Cross Reference

DataElement 9415 is used in the following Batch Composite Elements:


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