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5379 Product group type code [B]

Desc: Code specifying the type of product group. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 Base x coefficient The product is grouped based on price multiplied with a coefficient. 2 No price group used Code specifying that the product is not subject to price group. 3 Catalogue Code specifying that the product is indexed in a catalogue. 4 Group of products with same price Code specifying that all the products of the group have the same price. 5 Itemized Code specifying that the product group is itemized. 7 Current discount group Items in this discount group are available to the buyer at a common discount percentage. 8 Previous discount group The common discount percentage group to which an item previously belonged. 9 No group used No grouping is being used. 10 Price group Products grouped together on the basis of price. 11 Product group A code indicating a product group. 12 Promotional group Grouping of products for promotional reasons. 13 Legal A product group governed by a common set of legal rules. 14 Geographical target market division/subdivision code The target market is a geographical region based upon geographical boundaries sanctioned by the United Nations. 15 Manufacturer Products grouped together on the basis of manufacturer. 16 Supplier Products grouped together on the basis of supplier. 17 Worldwide-Semiconductors-Trade-Statistics number Prodcucts grouped together on the basis of Worldwide- Semiconductors-Trade-Statistics number.

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