United Nations Directories
for Electronic Data Interchange for
Administration, Commerce and Transport


PART 5 UNITED NATIONS DIRECTORIES FOR ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE FOR ADMINISTRATION, COMMERCE AND TRANSPORT CHAPTER 2 Message type directory IDMD 1. Indexes 1.1 Index of message types by code Change indicators a plus sign (+) for an addition an asterisk (*) for an amendment to structure a vertical bar (|) for changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions a letter X (X) for marked for deletion a letter R (R) for a message whose structure has been completely recast. No other change symbols shall be used with these messages Code Name Rev Recast AVLREQ Availability request - interactive message 5 AVLRSP Availability response - interactive message 6 IHCEBI Interactive health insurance eligibility and benefits inquiry and response 1 IHCLME Health care claim or encounter request and response - interactive message 1 PASREQ Travel, tourism and leisure product application status request - interactive message 2 PASRSP