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4017 Delivery plan commitment level code [B]

Desc: Code specifying the level of commitment to a delivery plan. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 Firm Indicates that the scheduling information is a firm commitment. 2 Commitment for manufacturing and material Authorizes the supplier to start the manufacturing of goods. 3 Commitment for material Authorizes the manufacturer to order material required for manufacturing specified goods. 4 Planning/forecast An estimate of future requirements based on trends and actual information. 5 Short delivered on previous delivery Part of a consignment which was not delivered when the original delivery was made. 6 Capacity available Capacity is available to meet the requested scheduling demands. 7 Promotion All related schedule information refer to a promotion. 8 Special demand All related schedule information refers to a special demand. 9 User defined The user can interpret the meaning of the values from information exchanged previously. 10 Immediate Indicates that the scheduling information is for immediate execution. 11 Pilot/Pre-volume Initial products required in advance of the normal production process. 12 Planning An estimate of future requirements. 13 Potential order increase The possibility and magnitude of a schedule fluctuation. 14 Average plant usage The usual amount that a manufacturing facility will use over a specified duration. 15 First time reported firm Initial confirmation of a material requirement. 16 Maximum The highest attainable amount. 17 Tooling capacity The maximum amount that the process was designed to accommodate. 18 Normal tooling capacity The anticipated amount that the process was designed to accommodate over a specific period of time. 19 Prototype The preliminary version of a product or service. 20 Strike protection Product level that is set aside as protection in the event of a work stoppage. 21 Required tooling capacity The contracted amount that the process was designed to accommodate over a specific period of time. 22 Deliver to schedule Deliver to schedule separately supplied. 23 Await manual pull Await non-EDI instruction before shipping. 24 Reference to commercial agreement between partners The buyer's commitment is the one defined in the commercial agreement. 26 Proposed Indicates that the scheduling information is a proposal.

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