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5419 Rate type code qualifier [B]

Desc: Code qualifying the type of rate. Repr: an..3 Code Values: 1 Allowance rate Code specifying the allowance rate. 2 Charge rate Code specifying the charge rate. 3 Actual versus calculated price difference rate Difference rate of actual price and calculated price. 4 Standard labour rate Labour rate for a normal working day. Synonym: Straight time. 5 Overtime labour rate Labour rate for overtime. 6 Premium labour rate Labour rate for premium time. 7 Calculation rate To identify a rate which is to be applied in a calculation. 8 Coefficient The coefficient which is to be used as a multiplier. 9 Indemnity rate To specify the rate of an indemnity. 10 Guarantee reserved calculation rate To specify the rate that has been used to calculate the monetary amount reserved as a guarantee. 11 Waiting time indemnity rate To specify the rate of an indemnity for waiting. ZZZ Mutually defined The rate type is mutually agreed by the interchanging parties.

Data Element Cross Reference

DataElement 5419 is used in the following Batch Composite Elements:


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