CHAPTER 5 Composite data element directory (TRCD)

1. Indexes

1.1 Index of composites by tag

Change indicators a plus sign (+) for an addition an asterisk (*) for an amendment to structure a hash sign (#) for changes to names a vertical bar (|) for changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions a minus sign (-) for a deletion a X sign (X) for marked for deletion Tag Name C002 Document/message name C040 Carrier + C042 Nationality details C045 Bill level identification + C049 Remuneration type identification C056 Department or employee details C058 Name and address C059 Street C076 Communication contact C077 File identification C078 Account identification C079 Computer environment identification C080 Party name C082 Party identification details + C085 Marital status details C088 Institution identification + C090 Address details C099 File details C100 Terms of delivery or transport + C101 Religion details C107 Text reference C108 Text literal C110 Payment terms C112 Terms/time information C128 Rate details C138 Price multiplier information C174 Value/range C186 Quantity details C200 Charge C202 Package type C203 Rate/tariff class C205 Hazard code * C206 Identification number C208 Identity number range C210 Marks & labels C211 Dimensions C212 Item number identification * C213 Number and type of packages C214 Special services identification C215 Seal issuer C218 Hazardous material C219 Movement type C220 Mode of transport C222 Transport identification C223 Dangerous goods shipment flashpoint C224 Equipment size and type C228 Transport means C229 Charge category C231 Method of payment C232 Government action C233 Service C234 Undg information C235 Hazard identification C236 Dangerous goods label C237 Equipment identification C239 Temperature setting C240 Product characteristic C241 Duty/tax/fee type | C242 Process type and description C243 Duty/tax/fee detail C244 Test method C246 Customs identity codes C270 Control C273 Item description C279 Quantity difference information C280 Range C286 Sequence information C288 Product group C292 Price change information C329 Pattern description C330 Insurance cover type C331 Insurance cover details C332 Sales channel identification C333 Information request C401 Excess transportation information C402 Package type identification C501 Percentage details C502 Measurement details C503 Document/message details C504 Currency details C506 Reference C507 Date/time/period + C508 Language details C509 Price information C512 Size details C514 Sample location details C515 Test reason C516 Monetary amount C517 Location identification C519 Related location one identification C521 Business function C522 Instruction C523 Number of unit details C524 Handling instructions C526 Frequency details C527 Statistical details C528 Commodity/rate detail C529 Processing indicator C531 Packaging details C532 Returnable package details C533 Duty/tax/fee account detail C534 Payment instruction details C536 Contract and carriage condition C537 Transport priority C543 Agreement type identification C545 Index identification C546 Index value C549 Monetary function C550 Requirement/condition identification C551 Bank operation C552 Allowance/charge information C553 Related location two identification C554 Rate/tariff class detail C555 Status event C556 Status reason + C585 Priority details C601 Status type C701 Error point details + C702 Code set identification C703 Nature of cargo + C709 Message identifier C770 Array cell details C778 Position identification C779 Array structure identification C780 Value list identification C782 Data set identification C783 Footnote set identification C784 Footnote identification C785 Statistical concept identification C786 Structure component identification + C814 Safety section + C815 Additional safety information + C816 Name component details + C817 Address usage + C818 Person inherited characteristic details + C819 Country sub-entity details C821 Type of damage C822 Damage area C823 Type of unit/component C824 Component material C825 Damage severity C826 Action C827 Type of marking C829 Sub-line information C849 Parties to instruction C850 Status of instruction C878 Charge/allowance account + C889 Characteristic value C901 Application error detail C941 Relationship C942 Membership category C944 Membership status C945 Membership level C948 Employment category * C950 Qualification classification *| C951 Occupation C953 Contribution type C955 Attribute type C956 Attribute details C960 Reason for change
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