Data Element 1131 is not used in any segment!

UNTDID - D.97A - Usage of Element 1145

Data Element 1131 is used in the following Composites:

C002 C040 C042 C049 C079 C082 C085 C088 C100 C101 C107 C110 C200 C202 C203 C212 C213 C214 C215 C218 C222 C224 C229 C231 C233 C237 C240 C241 C242 C243 C244 C246 C273 C286 C288 C292 C330 C331 C332 C333 C501 C515 C517 C519 C521 C522 C524 C528 C529 C533 C534 C536 C537 C543 C545 C549 C550 C551 C553 C554 C555 C556 C564 C585 C601 C702 C703 C815 C818 C819 C821 C822 C823 C824 C825 C826 C827 C828 C830 C831 C836 C837 C838 C839 C840 C841 C844 C848 C878 C889 C901 C941 C942 C944 C945 C948 C950 C951 C953 C955 C956 C960

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