Change Indicators

* 3285 Recipient of the instruction identification [B] Desc: Party to whom the instruction is directed for advice or action. Repr: an..17 + 1 Applicant's bank The financial institution which is requested to issue the documentary credit. + 2 Issuing bank The financial institution which issues the documentary credit, if the applicant's bank is not acting as the issuing bank. + 3 Beneficiary's bank The financial institution with which the beneficiary maintain an account. + 4 Beneficiary The party in whose favour the documentary credit is to be issued and the party who must comply with the credit's terms and conditions. + 5 Contact party 1 First party to contact. + 6 Contact party 2 Second party to contact. + 7 Contact party 3 Third party to contact. + 8 Contact party 4 Fourth party to contact. + 9 Contact bank 1 First financial institution to contact. + 10 Contact bank 2 Second financial institution to contact.