Change Indicators

* 4025 Business function, coded [C] Desc: Code describing the specific business function. Repr: an..3 ADV Advance payment The reason for payment is advance payment. AGT Agricultural transfer Support payment to farmer. AMY Alimony Payment on alimony. BEC Child benefit Payment made to assist to parent/guardian to maintain child. BEN Unemployment/disability/benefit Payment to person unemployed/disabled. BON Bonus The reason the transaction is bonus. CAS Cash management transfer Reason for the transaction is cash management transfer. CBF Capital building fringe fortune Capital building for retirement. CDT Commodity transfer Reason for payment is commodity. # COC Commercial credit payment Reason for payment is commercial credit. #| COM Commission payment Payment of commission. COS Costs Reason for payments is costs. # CPY Copyright payment Reason for payment is copyright. # DIV Dividend payment Reason for payment is dividend. FEX Foreign exchange Reason for transaction is foreign exchange. #| GDS Purchasing and selling of goods Purchasing and selling of goods GVT Government payment Payment to or from a government department. IHP Instalment/hire-purchase agreement Reason for transaction is instalment or hire/purchase agreement. INS Insurance premium Reason for transaction is insurance premium. #| INT Interest payment Payment of interest. #| LIF Licence fees payment Payment of licence fees. LOA Loan Transfer of loan to borrower. LOR Loan repayment Repayment of loan to lender. NET Netting Reason for transaction is netting. #| PEN Pension payment Payment of pension. #| REF Refunding Payment of refund. REN Rent Reason for transaction is rent. #| ROY Royalties payment Payment of royalties. # SAL Salary payment Reason for payment is salary. #| SCV Purchasing and selling of services. Purchasing and selling of services. SEC Securities Reason for transaction is securities. SSB Social security benefit Payment made by government to support individuals. SUB Subscription Reason for transaction is subscription. | TAX Tax payment Payment of tax. | VAT Value added tax payment Payment of Value Added Tax (VAT). ZZZ Mutually defined Self explanatory.