Change Indicators

* 4465 Adjustment reason, coded [C] Desc: Indication of reason for adjustment. Repr: an..3 1 Agreed settlement Self explanatory. 2 Below specification goods Goods of inferior quality. 3 Damaged goods Self explanatory. 4 Short delivery Self explanatory. 5 Price query Self explanatory. 6 Proof of delivery required Self explanatory. 7 Payment on account Self explanatory. 8 Returnable container charge included Self explanatory. 9 Invoice error Self explanatory. 10 Costs for draft Cost of draft has been deducted from payment. 11 Bank charges Bank charges have been deducted from payment. 12 Agent commission Agent commission has been deducted from payment. 13 Counter claim Buyer claims an existing (financial) obligation from seller which (partly) offsets the outstanding invoice(s). 14 Wrong delivery Delivery not according to specifications. 15 Goods returned to agent Goods returned to agent. 16 Goods partly returned Goods partly returned. 17 Transport damage Goods damaged in transit. 18 Goods on consignment Buyer does not accept invoice(s) charge as it relates to goods where the ownership remains with the seller until sold. 19 Trade discount Trade discount deducted from payment. # 20 Deduction for late delivery Penalty amount deducted for later delivery. 21 Advertising costs Advertising costs deducted from payment. 22 Customs duties Customs duties deducted from payment. 23 Telephone and postal costs Telephone and postal costs deducted from payment. 24 Repair costs Repair costs deducted from payment. 25 Attorney fees Attorney fees deducted from payment. 26 Taxes Taxes deducted from payment. 27 Reclaimed deduction Buyer reclaims an unspecified deduction from the invoice(s) (to be) paid. 28 See separate advice Buyer or seller refers to separate correspondence about a related shipment(s) and/or invoice(s) and/or a payment(s). 29 Buyer refused to take delivery Buyer refused to take delivery. 30 Direct payment to seller Buyer states to have paid to seller. 31 Buyer disagrees with due date Buyer disagrees with due date. 32 Goods not delivered Buyer has not received the goods. 33 Late delivery Goods delivered too late. 34 Quoted as paid to you Factor informs the seller that a certain invoice(s) was paid by the buyer directly to the seller. 35 Goods returned Buyer returned the goods to seller. 36 Invoice not received Buyer claims he did not receive the invoice for which payment is requested. 37 Credit note to debtor/not to us Factor informs the seller that he did not receive copy of a credit note sent to the buyer. 38 Deducted bonus Buyer has/will deduct a bonus he is entitled to from the payment. 39 Deducted discount Buyer has/will deduct the discount he is entitled to from the payment. 40 Deducted freight costs Buyer has/will deduct freight costs from the payment. 41 Deduction against other invoices Deduction against invoices already settled. 42 Credit balance(s) Buyer makes use of existing credit balance(s) to offset (partly) the outstanding invoice(s). 43 Reason unknown Factor informs the seller that the reason of a commercial dispute raised by the buyer is unknown. 44 Awaiting message from seller Buyer or factor are waiting for a (reply) message from the seller before a commercial dispute can be settled. 45 Debit note to seller Buyer issued debit note to seller. 46 Discount beyond terms Buyer has taken a discount larger than the discount terms agreed with the seller. 47 See buyer's letter See correspondence from buyer. 48 Allowance/charge error Error made by seller in the amount of allowance/charge. 49 Substitute product Product delivered not fully according to specification. 50 Terms of sale error Terms of sale not according to purchase order. 51 Required data missing A message sent by buyer to seller or by seller to buyer did not contain data required to take action/decision. 52 Wrong invoice Invoice issued to wrong party. 53 Duplicate invoice Invoice sent twice. 54 Weight error Weight not in accordance with the order. 55 Additional charge not authorized Additional charge not authorised. 56 Incorrect discount Buyer states that calculated discount on the invoice(s) is wrongly calculated. 57 Price change Price has been changed. 58 Variation The adjustment is a variation from an agreed value. 59 Chargeback Balance of one or more items charged back to seller. 60 Offset Allocation of one or more debit items to one or more credit items or vice-versa. 61 Indirect payment Payment in settlement of an invoice has been made to a party other than the designated creditor. 62 Financial reassignment Previously assigned invoice/credit note is being reassigned. 63 Reinstatement of chargeback/offset Reversal or cancellation of a chargeback and/or offset relating to an incorrect balance. 64 Expecting new terms Buyer expects that seller revises the terms of payment of an invoice. 65 Settlement to agent Invoice has been/to be paid to seller's agent. ZZZ Mutually defined Self explanatory.