Change Indicators

4511 Requested information, coded [B] Desc: To specify the information requested in a responding message in a coded form. Repr: an..3 1 Article price composition A breakdown of the item price is requested. 2 Article price The item price is requested. 3 Constituent material Information about constituent material, such as copper and plastics, is requested. 4 Carrier Suggested carrier is requested. 5 Conditions of sale General conditions of sale are requested. 6 Delivery party Suggested grouping centre is requested. 7 Economics dates Material, labour and overheads economic dates are requested. 8 Lead time Item lead time is requested. 9 Packaging price composition A breakdown of the package price is requested. 10 Packaging details Details about packaging is requested. 11 Production location Information about which production site is going to be used is requested. 12 Packaging price The packaging price is requested. 13 Payment terms Payment terms are requested. 14 Shipment from location Information from where the items are shipped is requested. 15 Tooling price composition A breakdown of the tooling price is requested. 16 Tooling items details Details about the tooling items are requested. 17 Tooling total details Details about the total tooling is requested. 18 Validity dates The quotations validity dates are requested. 19 Working pattern Information about working week, day and shift is requested.