Change Indicators

8249 Equipment status, coded [B] Desc: Indication of the action related to the equipment. Repr: an..3 1 Continental Self explanatory. 2 Export Transport equipment to be exported on a marine vessel. 3 Import Transport equipment to be imported on a marine vessel. 4 Remain on board Transport equipment arriving on a marine vessel is to remain on board. 5 Shifter Transport equipment is to be shifted from one stowage location on a marine vessel to another on the same vessel. 6 Transhipment Transport equipment is to be transferred from one marine vessel to another. 7 Shortlanded Transport equipment notified to arrive which did not arrive on the means of transport. 8 Overlanded Transport equipment not notified to arrive but which did arrive on the means of transport. 9 Domestic Transport equipment is used in domestic service. 10 Positioning Equipment is being transported for positioning purposes. 11 Delivery Equipment is being delivered. 12 Redelivery Equipment is being redelivered. 13 Repair The equipment is for repair.