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X| NAM PARTY NAME Function: To specify information necessary to establish the identity of a party. | Note: Segment marked for deletion in the D.01A directory. 010 3035 PARTY QUALIFIER M 1 an..3 020 E206 IDENTIFICATION NUMBER C 1 7402 Identity number M an..35 7405 Identity number qualifier C an..3 4405 Status, coded C an..3 030 E082 PARTY IDENTIFICATION DETAILS C 1 3039 Party identification M an..35 1131 Code list qualifier C an..3 3055 Code list responsible agency, coded C an..3 040 3403 NAME TYPE, CODED C 1 an..3 050 3397 NAME STATUS, CODED C 1 an..3 060 E816 NAME COMPONENT DETAILS C 5 3405 Name component qualifier M an..3 3398 Name component C an..70 3401 Name component status, coded C an..3 3295 Name component original representation, C an..3 coded