Change indicators

TFF TARIFF INFORMATION Function: To specify tariff details relating to a service or product. 010 E982 TARIFF INFORMATION C 99 5263 Rate type identification C an..20 5004 Monetary amount C n..35 6345 Currency, coded C an..3 5501 Rate plan, coded C an..3 5025 Monetary amount type qualifier C an..3 2152 Number of periods C n..3 5377 Price change indicator, coded C an..3 5160 Total monetary amount C n..20 2000 Date C an..14 2000 Date C an..14 4183 Special conditions, coded C an..3 020 E983 RATE INFORMATION C 1 5243 Rate/tariff class identification C an..9 6162 Range minimum C n..18 6152 Range maximum C n..18 7365 Processing indicator, coded C an..3 030 E984 ASSOCIATED CHARGES INFORMATION C 99 5261 Charge unit, coded C an..3 5004 Monetary amount C n..35 7008 Item description C an..35 6060 Quantity C n..15 2155 Charge period type, coded C an..3 6345 Currency, coded C an..3 3225 Place/location identification C an..25 4440 Free text C an..70 4513 Maintenance operation, coded C an..3