United Nations Directories
for Electronic Data Interchange for
Administration, Commerce and Transport


Change indicators a plus sign (+) for an addition an asterisk (*) for an amendment to structure a hash sign (#) for changes to names a vertical bar (|) for changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions a minus sign (-) for a deletion an X sign (X) for marked for deletion


Function: To specify the link of one non-EDIFACT external file to an EDIFACT message. 010 C077 FILE IDENTIFICATION M 1 1508 File name C an..35 7008 Item description C an..256 020 C099 FILE DETAILS C 1 1516 File format name M an..17 1056 Version identifier C an..9 1503 Data format description code C an..3 1502 Data format description C an..35 030 1050 SE