UNTDID - D.95A Index of segments by name

1.2 Index of segments by name

Change indicators a plus sign (+) for an addition an asterisk (*) for an amendment to structure a hash sign (#) for changes to names a vertical bar (|) for changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions a minus sign (-) for a deletion a X sign (X) for marked for deletion Tag Name ALI Additional information -| API Additional price information | APR Additional price information PIA Additional product id AJT Adjustment details AGR Agreement identification ALC Allowance or charge ARD Amounts relationship details ERC Application error information + ARR Array information + ASI Array structure identification EQA Attached equipment ATT Attribute AUT Authentication result BGM Beginning of message BUS Business function CCI Characteristic/class id CPI Charge payment instructions + CDV Code value definition COM Communication contact + COD Component details + CED Computer environment details CNI Consignment information CPS Consignment packing sequence CTA Contact information COT Contribution details CNT Control total CCD Credit cover details CUX Currencies CST Customs status of goods + DAM Damage DGS Dangerous goods + DSI Data set identification DTM Date/time/period DLM Delivery limitations TDT Details of transport DIM Dimensions DLI Document line identification DOC Document/message details DMS Document/message summary TAX Duty/tax/fee details EMP Employment details EQD Equipment details ERP Error point details + EFI External file link identification FCA Financial charges allocation FII Financial institution information + FNT Footnote + FNS Footnote set FTX Free text GIS General indicator GIN Goods identity number GID Goods item details GOR Governmental requirements HAN Handling instructions + IDE Identity IND Index details IRQ Information required ICD Insurance cover description INV Inventory management related details IMD Item description * LIN Line item MKS Market/sales channel information MEA Measurements MEM Membership details MOA Monetary amount NAD Name and address GDS Nature of cargo EQN Number of units PAC Package * PCI Package identification * INP Parties to instruction PAI Payment instructions PAT Payment terms basis PCD Percentage details PSD Physical sample description LOC Place/location identification PRI Price details X| PIT Price item line | PRC Process identification PGI Product group information QTY Quantity -| QVA Quantity variances | QVR Quantity variances RNG Range details RTE Rate details RFF Reference GIR Related identification numbers REL Relationship RCS Requirements and conditions SPS Sampling parameters for summary statistics SCC Scheduling conditions * SEL Seal number SEQ Sequence details SGP Split goods placement STG Stages + STC Statistical concept STA Statistics STS Status + SCD Structure component definition BII Structure identification TMP Temperature TOD Terms of delivery or transport TEM Test method TCC Transport charge/rate calculations TMD Transport movement details TPL Transport placement TSR Transport service requirements + VLI Value list identification
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