1.2 Index of data elements by name

Change indicators a plus sign (+) for an addition an asterisk (*) for an amendment to structure a hash sign (#) for changes to names a vertical bar (|) for changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions a minus sign (-) for a deletion an X sign (X) for marked for deletion Usage indicators [B] = used in batch messages only [I] = used in intercative messages only [C] = common usage in both batch and interactive messages Tag Name 3192 Account holder name [B] 3194 Account holder number [B] 1228 Action request/notification [B] 1229 Action request/notification, coded [C] 6428 Actual stage count [B] 4038 Additional safety information [B] 4039 Additional safety information, coded [B] 3286 Address component [C] 3477 Address format, coded [C] 3299 Address purpose, coded [C] 3475 Address status, coded [C] 3131 Address type, coded [C] 4465 Adjustment reason, coded [C] 9444 Admission type [B] 9445 Admission type, coded [B] 3197 Agent identification [I] 7434 Agreement type description [B] 7431 Agreement type qualifier [B] 7433 Agreement type, coded [B] 1230 Allowance or charge number [B] 5463 Allowance or charge qualifier [B] 9321 Application error identification [C] 9424 Array cell information [B] 9428 Array structure identifier [B] 7011 Article availability, coded [B] 1523 Association assigned identification [B] 9443 Attendance qualifier [B] 7458 Attendee category [B] 7459 Attendee category, coded [B] 9018 Attribute [C] 9017 Attribute function qualifier [B] 9021 Attribute type, coded [C] 9019 Attribute, coded [B] 4455 Back order, coded [B] 3449 Bank identification [I] 4383 Bank operation, coded [B] 4022 Business description [B] 4027 Business function qualifier [B] 4025 Business function, coded [C] 1227 Calculation sequence indicator, coded [B] 3127 Carrier identification [B] 3128 Carrier name [B] 8325 Category of means of transport, coded [B] 4048 Certainty [B] 4049 Certainty, coded [B] 4294 Change reason [B] 4295 Change reason, coded [B] 7036 Characteristic [B] 7037 Characteristic identification [C] 4051 Characteristic relevance, coded [B] 7110 Characteristic value [B] 7111 Characteristic value, coded [C] 5237 Charge category, coded [B] 2155 Charge period type, coded [I] 5261 Charge unit, coded [I] 5189 Charge/allowance description, coded [B] 2156 Check-in date and time [I] 3164 City name [C] 1507 Class designator, coded [B] 4043 Class of trade, coded [B] 6412 Clinical information [B] 6413 Clinical information identification [B] 6415 Clinical information qualifier [B] 9436 Clinical intervention [B] 9437 Clinical intervention identification [B] 9441 Clinical intervention qualifier [B] 1131 Code list qualifier [C] 3055 Code list responsible agency, coded [C] 9434 Code name [B] 9161 Code set indicator, coded [B] 9426 Code value [B] 7357 Commodity/rate identification [B] 3153 Communication channel identifier, coded [B] 3155 Communication channel qualifier [C] 3148 Communication number [C] 8215 Complexing transport indicator [I] 7497 Component function qualifier [B] 7506 Component material [B] 7507 Component material, coded [B] 9146 Composite data element tag